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About mach-c

Welcome to Mach-C, your premier provider of poultry farm and hatchery automation solutions since 2009. Based in the Netherlands, we take pride in developing, producing, and delivering our unique range of automation solutions.

Our comprehensive lineup includes cutting-edge technology for egg, tray, pallet, and basket washing. We specialize in integrated solutions for egg intake, egg candling, transfer, and full chicken handling in hatcheries. What sets us apart is our renowned expertise in gentle egg washing and egg handling techniques.

Our solutions seamlessly integrate into existing processes, supporting all major brand trays and baskets. Whether you’re a small-scale operation or a large-scale facility, our team, along with our trusted partners, will deliver, install, and provide ongoing support for our solutions worldwide.


Curious about our machines? Check out these videos to see more of them.


Mach-C dealers offer high-quality industrial machinery globally. Our network of dealers provides customized solutions for various equipment needs.

Mach-C upholds high standards of quality and after-sales services. Whether you need new or used machinery, Mach-C dealers offer a one-stop solution.



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