This is our double lane Mach-C Duck Egg Washer that can remove the curticle from the duck egg. This washer is developed for egg on trays (f.e. PasReform 126 tray) and has 2 rows to deliver clean result of 10.000 eggs/ hour.

The cuticle of duck eggs is thicker compared to the cuticle of chicken eggs, which makes the gas exchange between embryo and the environment more difficult. Therefore the cuticle of duck eggs needs to be removed before incubation to allow sufficient gas exchange. This will result in much better hatching result and based on customer feedback even up to 8%.

Some features of this solution:

  • Unique washer to remove cuticle from the Duck Eggs
  • Inline system; all eggs on the trays will be transported on a belt and will be washed.
  • Integrated water tank
  • Machine can be operared stand-alone
  • Adjustable speed and water temperature on touch screen on the machine.
  • Different languages available on display.
  • Pressure mechanically adjustable.
  • Heater with timer, machine will be warmed up only when necessary.
  • Capacity about 10.000 eggs/ hour (with PasRefrom 126 tray incl. removing cuticle).

WhatsApp Image 2021 03 29 at 13.21.17
Fully built in stainless steel.
Nozzles are easy to clean as they are removable without using tools.
Low water consumption to cleanable smart water filter.

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