Batch Egg Washer 252 - Best clean result due to PowerJet Technology

Mach-C has even raised the bar to an almost unbeatable level; Best Clean Result, Lowest water usage and last but not least Best price in the market!

The new Batch Washer has now a rotating platform for the trays. The first start is that the Prewasher will rinse clean water over the eggs so they get moist. The next washing step is that the batch washer platform will start rotating and the powerjet will wash the eggs with warm water and soap. After about 10 minutes even the most dirty eggs are clean!

  • Washes 252 eggs in 10-15 minutes (depending of watertemperature)
  • Water temperature adjustable
  • Washing and rinsing time adjustable
  • PowerJet Technology for even better clean result
  • Plug and Play, connect power (standard connection is enough), (cold) water and drain.
  • Automatic soap dispenser (optional)
  • 3 KW integrated heating boiler for quick water heating
  • Uses only 10 liter of 252 eggs (in Multi Batch Mode)

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Batch egg washer

Batch egg washer Mach C