International Press Release:  Mach-C introducing the new Traywasher 100 solution

Lichtenvoorde, 13 November 2016. Mach-C will introduce the new Traywasher 100 solution at the upcoming BFREPA event on november 23, which will be held at the the National Motorcycle Museum in Birmingham.

Large interest in the UK for a low-priced traywasher solution

Especially in the UK there is big interest in a starter version of the Tray Washer 400 solution for cleaning trays, to be ready for the new UK regulations regarding clean trays. As Chris Pondes, owner of Mach-C explained “we received huge interest from our UK, but also from our international partners for a low capacity and low priced solution, but without any compromise on clean result for cleaning trays”.

The Traywasher 100 Solution with power bubble.

Mach-C re-designed their stand alone tray washer  400 solution to build a smaller version, but with maximum clean result by using power bubble techniques to lower the need of detergent and can easily clean 100 trays in 1 single run. “The result will as you can expect form Mach-C, clean and dry trays, so the trays can be re-used directly!” Chris mentioned.

 traywasher 100

Please have a look at a short video impression, made by our UK partner Interhatch: 

Mach-C Traywasher 100


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