This Mach-C solution, part of the Hatchery Essential range, will wash al leading brands like Jamesway, PasReform, ChickMaster, Petersime setter trays and hatchery baskets to deliver clean result.

Schermafbeelding 2022 02 04 om 123221 


The washer consist of a unique nozzle frame with power nozzles on all sides to deliver clean result. At the end there is a high pressure module that will remove the last contamination and deliver clean result. All the water will be filtered with our unique filter tube and special flat filter so water can be re-used for the washing cycle. Heating can be done with heating elements or our heat exchanger. This easy to use multi Washer can be upgraded with our Datalogger and full automated detergent pump solution.

Easy to operate, easy to integrate in any existing process and low on all resources. We also recommend to have a look at our fully automatic stacker solution that can easily integrate with this washer to stack clean basket automatically on dolleys; ready for a new hatch cycle!